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What is Graphic Design

Design is all around, from the packaging on ur favorite sack to the poster for that party, said to the weekend hit,design and its various concepts can be seen everywhere we go. Some  of these designs are very catchy  and portray their intended message perfectly, whilst some are just a bit much and tends to stray from its intended meaning.
Whilst design is a bit subjective, there are a few rules which if followed ,will help differentiate the  difference between good and great design and what works for the desired product.

Good designs should clearly  conveys ideas and information, the design should emphasize the message.
Good design conveys information and communicates ideas. Poor design impairs this communication by getting in the way. 

Balance is based on the notion, "the whole is the sum of its parts." Using balance, design elements or the "parts" are organized to create a whole that has equilibrium.

Proportion- Similar to balance, good proportion maintains an agreeable relation of parts within the whole. It's the consideration of parts in relation to the whole.

Contrast- Contrast, created when elements are combined, provides necessary variety. Without contrast, even good design can be boring (or worse, ineffectual). While balance and proportion help to maintain cohesiveness, contrast adds interest.

Economy- Economy is the same as the "less is more" principle. On average, simplicity tends to emphasize a design's intent more powerfully than complexity.

Direction- When elements are arranged well, "movement" or the illusion of direction is created. This helps lead the viewer's eye and can emphasize the design's intent.

Emphasis- Also known as dominance, this condition exists when design elements are arranged to create a hierarchy of visual importance. For example, the cover of a book might include a title, subtitle, and the author's name.

Space- Perhaps most important to overall quality of design — as important as emphasis, but overlooked by many designers — is space. Including space (often called white space) in a design provides its other elements with all the characteristics listed above. More often than not, a design fails without space.

While the principles listed above are vital, they are not comprehensive. Thousands of books have been published on the subject of graphic design; depending on your interests and needs, seek out one or more of these for study.

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Miles Johan on Thursday, January 17, 2013 7:52 AM
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graphic designer brisbane on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 3:31 AM
Graphic design is a digital process to make an art. It is the digital representation of what we think and what are we willing to imply.
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Printing Company on Wednesday, June 08, 2016 2:32 AM
Good graphic design is what makes a brand inviting, information accessible, a message coherent. Therefore, graphic design must be simple and detailed (showing what you really want to show). It's just my opinion!
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