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Be your own Boss

Follow the lead

With the competition we face every day it is very important that as a small business, you will know how to have the lead. This 6 steps with be the important steps you will take in life.
  • Get some experience
  • Build a winning team
  • Fight inexperience with advice
  • Write a bulletproof business plan
  • Raise money
  • Follow the money

Advantages of Being Your own Boss

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Advantages Being Your Own Boss
http://www.FollowMyFormula.comAdvantages Being Your Own Boss! No dress code or office hours required. Work when and where you want to work. Work around kids schedules. If you are tired of being told...

Tips for young Professionals

A habit is something that you create by repeating a particular behavior. Do something over and over and it will become a habit. Having done this habit fro a particular time period it becomes a attitude.
An attitude is a habitual way of thinking. You can develop an attitude by taking conscious control of your way of thinking. By constantly reinforcing your way of thinking, you develop an attitude. Habits and attitudes can make you or break you. Many a hapless business has been broken by the habits and attitudes of its owners. Here is a compilation of the common habits and attitudes of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Focus
  • Think
  • See the opportunities. Opportunities are everywhere. They really are. It's just that most people can't see them. But you must. Most of us expect opportunity to beacon to us with flashers and sirens, but that isn't how it normally works. If opportunities were that easy to see, everyone would flock to them.
  • Don't let criticism crush you. Everyone is an expert on your problems. Realize that you're probably the best person to evaluation your own problems. Listen and give consideration to the inputs you receive, but remember, you're the person who will rise or fall on your decisions, policies, and habits
  • Don't overcharge. Customers are quick to recognize value and quick to go elsewhere if they feel they are being overcharged. You're goal should be to make them customers for the long term. If the software makes it quick and easy to perform a particular service (and it should), don't charge too much for it. Consider using it as a promotional service. For instance, if you software makes it easy to generate a custom report based on the client's current body weight that shows your client how many calories she or he will burn in performing any of dozens of exercises for 30 minutes, provide it as a freebie for an initial consult. Or offer to provide these for the new members of all your local health clubs... the owner gets to provide a professional report as an incentive for joining and you get to meet every new club member when you present them with their report and explain it to them. This gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the new member, win her or his confidence, and to leave the door open for any questions they may have. Leave them with your card. Trade a report with high perceived value for the opportunity to meet a new prospective client.
  • Don't make the mistake of figuring out how to do something after you get a customer who wants the service. Allot a week or so to learn everything your software can do for your clients. By performing the operation with your software, you'll learn how much work is involved and how long it will take you. This information will determine how much you must charge for each service.
  • Never forget why you're doing this. Sometimes, we lose sight of what we are working for. We get sucked into the day-to-day activities that we have to master to keep the show going and forget why we're doing all of this rather than something else.
  • Be willing to take calculated risks. Evaluate the benefits of doing something and compare it to the benefits of not doing it. If you can afford the consequences of failing, then do it. Wayne Dyer wrote that there were two things you needed to consider when making an important decision: One, think about how long you were going to be alive... 30... 40... another 50 years? Then think about how long you're going to be dead. There is never a better time than now to do anything... in fact "now" is the only time you can do anything!
  • Ask for business. So many things are lost to us for want of asking. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can succeed in business without asking for it. Let everyone know what you do. Give everyone a card. Let everyone know that they can call you for a free initial consultation that may include a Calorie Expenditures Report custom-tailored to their body weight. Or offer a free six-page Initial Assessment Report. After you've done so much for the prospect up-front and without charge, they will feel somewhat obligated to work with you to some degree. Spending time with prospects is a good avenue for acquiring new business... but don't forget to ask them for it!

Who is Donique Dwyer

This is a photo of Donique Dwyer founder of Smalz Design
Many persons, especially individuals who have spent some amount of time in a tertiary institution may be of  the view that  life after school is all about the 9-5s at the office, and the large promotion that your wonderful boss will give to you.  But can you blame us really? we were introducted to this concept as early as primary school with the focus being on Mathematics or English Langauge with little or no focus placed on the technical areas of studies such as Art and Craft or Physcial Education.  My eyes were however opened when after Community college the only jobs one could find  was in the same category as those who you used to view as being a little less off (since they did not attend the pretegious  Montego bay High, Mt. Alvernia , Cornwall College and so on and so forth). This was this event that changed by life forever. My eyes were opened and I saw that the only way to get by in today's society was to be your own boss. What!!! some persons used to say when I told them I wanted to be an entrepreneur, many individuals stated that the big dogs were already established in every industry and there was nothing I could change about the world today, eing so small in state and all. Boy were they wrong.  Even though the money was great, iIdecided to go back to school, however instead of doing something that would prove that I was able to read and write, I desided to have a career in something that would give me a talent, something that would make me money from home(you guessed it, Im very lazy).
I loved electronics and I also loved to make things pop. Therefore, I figured what would be better than mixing my best talents, therefore, I became a Graphic Artist and now even with my great 9-5 I am making money from bed. How Great.
With Graphic Design, I can take something from nothing and turn it into something really wonderful and this brings me great joy to finally see the end product. It must be noted that Graphic Design is one of the most time consuming carrers of all times, if your are not patient this carrer is not for you. One will be up from 1 am to 1 pm working hard away at the computer only to be told be  persons that the design is week and needs work(Hate this so much). However, one of the most rewarding things for any one is to take the feedback received and turn it into a masterpiece, oh what a great feeling. Enough Said thou, this blog will give you a a few tips and tricks in being an entrepreneur and making it as your own boss.
What are some of the areas you would like to see being discussed on this blog, and what are some of the tips fellow bosses can give?