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Picture of the lovely Donique Dwyer taken at Caricac business dineer 
Like what you see about Multimedia Graphic Design?
You can contact  Donique Dwyer by
phone at:(876)432-4855
Multimedia Graphic Design is very important, not only to me, but also to all my fellow classmates who graduated from CARIMAC and the lecturers as well. Take for example, Kamal Hinds, one of the lectures at Carimac,he uses Multimedia Graphic Design to design GSAT Games to help in educating the nations children. For more information about his product visit
The Multimedia Graphic Design contact for Kingstonis Miss Jolene White who also graduated form CARIMAC.
ForManchester, the Multimedia Graphic Design agent is Miss Jodene Evans.
For Clarendon Miss Raven Dwyer would be the Multimedia Graphic Design agent.
Donique Dwyer would love if all Jamaican have Multimedia Graphic Design and for other persons outside of Jamaica who would like information from a Multimedia Graphic Design agent you may fill out the form below.
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